David will make the Republican Party of Texas' legislative priorities his priorities. If you have a question about a position that is not listed, please call/text David directly on his cell phone at (469) 248 - 5129.

Republicans have maintained control of the Texas House for over 20 years, and yet we have not been able to some very important legislative priorities. Some Republicans, including David's opponent, continually vote in favor of allowing Democrats to become heads of committees. Some of his conservative goals include:

  • Substantial Property Tax Reform

  • Banning vaccine and mask mandates

  • Putting an end to Democrat committee chairs while Republicans hold the majority.

  • Banning illegal immigrants from state-funded universities

  • Election integrity


There is a full-on assault on children, from the womb to the classroom and all the way to adulthood. David will battle woke ideology as our future depends on it. Because it does. Some of David's priorities to support children include: 

  • Eliminate the STAAR Test

  • Require school districts to undergo a forensic audit

  • Ban Critical Race Theory

  • Ban sexually explicit material from being taught in schools, and punish those who do teach that garbage

  • Lock away child molesters for the rest of their lives

  • Ban child gender modification and label it as a form of child abuse

  • Provide the Texas Juvenile Justice Dept. with more resources to increase rehabilitation.


Our elections are one of the most vital rights guaranteed to all legal American citizens by our Constitution and they must be protected. With decades of elections seeing occurrences of illegal voting, invalid votes being counted, and voter fraud, it is imperative that we finally bring this issue to a halt. Every illegal, fraudulent, and, invalid vote stopped not only ensures the security of our elections, it also makes every legal vote, your vote, more powerful. 


There are many great citizens that would benefit our state with worthy legislation that properly represents their Texan constituents. However, donor money from PAC’s makes it nearly impossible for those great citizens to defeat incumbents or “sell out” politicians. During my time as a Texas State Representative, I intend on proposing a 3-term limit to our State politicians.


While the amount of funding for Texas public schools continues to rise, the promised results have yet to come to fruition. Our students are suffering as results continue to fall. Each student is an individual with specific needs and talents, and they deserve an education that benefits each and every one of them uniquely. That is why it is time to create an educational environment in Texas where parents, not the government, control the education of our children.


As property taxes consistently rise, the more difficult it is to become, or even remain a homeowner. While the rise in property taxes is incremental, it continues to be the most oppressive tax in our state. To provide immediate tax relief, there must be a ban on the unfair annual appraisal system. Instead, the appraised value when you purchase should be locked in until you sell.


Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. Recently, the Texas legislature has been practicing “incrementalism” as a way to fight back, but incrementalism does not work. The recent pro-life bills passed by our state legislature have not ended abortion, and most likely will not. It is far past the time for Texans to act; it's time for unborn children to receive the same rights and protections as everyone else.


Too often parents and children are held hostage in a litigation limbo within our family court system. When this happens, it makes it possible for our family courts and child custody procedures to become more of a lucrative industry rather than a positive solution. The current systems were put in place with a promise to put our children first, but more often than not our children come last and fathers are at a disadvantage. It's time to reform this system and finally put our children first.

Fighting for children


In this, the federal government has significantly failed. While securing and protecting American borders is actually within the realm of the federal government's responsibilities, decade after decade they have neglected to resolve our border security issues. So, it is up to us Texans, our state and local governments to take charge and once and for all protect and secure Texas’ border.


One type of reformation within our criminal justice system that often finds itself in the limelight is our police officers. However, that is not the only area within our criminal justice system that needs to be reformed. Time and time again some prosecutors within our criminal justice system abuse their power. It is time we put a stop to it and reform this step in the criminal justice process. It's not a game. It's people's lives.


Too many sex offenders are released back into the public long before they should be, making our cities and communities unsafe and restless. With the right  legislation, we can reform this system and keep sex offenders off the streets, our communities at ease, and potentially save more future victims.


Surgically changing one's sex from female to male, or vise versa is not a decision that a child should be able to make, nor should a parent make for their minor child. This is a decision that, if allowed to be made, should be made by the individual as an adult, who can fully comprehend the lasting effects of their decision.


Gun owners in Texas are protected by the constitution but liberal Republicans keep selling out our rights to the left. I support banning so-called "Red Flag" laws and expanding constitutional carry to include places like college campuses.


Neither the government nor any businesses have the right to force individuals to take a vaccine. Additional, there should never be any provided incentives or advantages to those who make certain medical-related decisions. It's discriminatory and unconstitutional.


After witnessing first hand how inhumane the Juvenile Justice system is and how poorly it operates, it has become apparent that our juvenile justice department needs to be revamped. Our juveniles in the system deserve an opportunity to better themselves and to receive rehabilitation. Without these, the odds of juvenile recidivism is much higher. The juvenile justice system needs to be reformed and our children need to be saved.


Currently we live in a society that believes in individualism and also understands that people learn differently, yet we still measure our students' education with standardized tests. The STAAR test has failed miserably in practice and should be replaced. However, it should not be replaced with something similar, but rather with testing programs established by the individual schools and districts. 


Critical Race Theory is a tool to indoctrinate students into victimhood. America has overcome great challenges with the help of its great citizens. It's important to educate Texas students about history and context. The classroom is no place to preach a political ideology.  


Texas owes it to the current and former men and women in blue, green, and red to provide top-notch mental health care to them and their families. We must also strengthen laws to protect our first-responders from who are afraid to speak up about mental health care concerns. 

Support Conservatism