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Let's Take Back Texas!


  • You should never be forced to rent your property from the government.  The complete elimination of property taxes might sound like a far-fetched idea, but it's a simple concept with many different, well-researched plans that have been proposed. In a nutshell, Texas would pay down property taxes with excess state revenue ($33 billion in 2022) and transition to a completely voluntary taxing system. Proposals range from 6 to 10 years for full implementation.

  • In the 88th legislative session, lawmakers voted to return only $12 billion of the $33 billion surplus, while they also voted to give $18 billion in corporate welfare. Check out Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Plan for details.


Time for action:

  • When it comes to border security, the federal government has failed. While securing and protecting American borders is actually within the realm of the federal government's responsibilities, decade after decade, they have neglected to resolve Texas' border security crisis. It is up to the Texas legislature to finally take charge and secure the Texas border.

End benefits for illegal immigrants: 

  • Undocumented, illegal immigrants should not be allowed to unfairly benefit from the resources Texans provide. Furthermore, taxpayers don't deserve the burden to be forced to pay the way for those who don't deserve to be within the legal borders. There must be an immediate end to allowing illegal immigrants access to those resources, including in-state college tuition rates, access to publicly funded education systems, and everything except emergency medical care. Texas must remove the incentives for illegal immigrants to reside in our state. 


  • The fundamental right to free and fair elections is guaranteed to all legal American citizens by our Constitution. With decades of elections seeing occurrences of illegal voting, invalid votes are being counted. It is imperative that we finally bring this issue to a halt. Every illegal, fraudulent, and invalid vote must be stopped, and every legal vote must be vehemently protected. Not only will this ensure the security of our elections, but it will also make every legal vote--your vote--more powerful.


  • Abortion is the killing of an unborn child. If one truly values the life of an unborn child, then one would support equality for the unborn child, just like any other human being. The 14th Amendment's "Equal Protection Clause" states that all persons should be treated equally under the law. This should be extended to include the life of the unborn. The same laws that protect you and me should also protect the unborn. David Lowe was the first candidate to ever be endorsed by Abolish Abortion Texas PAC. "If all lives matter, then the same laws that protect you and me should also protect unborn children."


  • Neither the government nor any business has the right to force individuals to take a vaccine. Additionally, there should never be provided incentives or advantages to those who make medical-related decisions. Such actions are discriminatory and unconstitutional.


  • Legal gun owners in Texas are protected by the Constitution, but liberal Republicans keep selling out our rights to the left. Red Flag Laws do not work and are only used to mislead the public.

  • Texas should expand constitutional carry and allow for legal carry on college campuses. 


At your expense:

  • Children are being sexualized with Texas taxpayer money in schools and other institutions and agencies. The Texas legislature has failed to take meaningful steps to hold accountable those who psychologically abuse children. That is completely unacceptable, and immediate changes must occur.

Repeat sex offenders: 

  • Too many sex offenders are released back into the public long before they should be, making Texas cities and communities unsafe and restless. With the right legislation, reform can take place and keep sex offenders off the streets, put communities at ease, and potentially save more people from becoming future victims. Specifically, child molesters cannot be reformed. Therefore, any sexual contact with a minor should result in a lifelong sentence. 


  • Red flag laws must be banned because they are the gateway to unconstitutional gun confiscation by the government. 

  • Even though Texas now has constitutional carry, there are still limits on those individuals who do not possess a license to carry. That is wrong. You don't need a license for any of your other constitutional rights, so you shouldn't need one for your gun rights. It's time to get rid of the license to carry program and remove meaningless restrictions on your right to carry.

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