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Subject: The Stephanie Klick that I knew

The loss of good people who go to Austin or Washington is difficult when they give in to the demands of the establishment left.  The loss of a friend is usually difficult.  What I experienced with Stephanie Klick was both the loss of a friend and a public official who had gone bad. 


In 2000, I watched Stephanie Klick stand on the Tarrant County courthouse steps speaking publicly against the attempted theft of a national election in Florida.  She was aggressive and strident.  As a pro-life activist and nurse she did medical expert pro-bono work for lawyers fighting for the lives of the unborn and for people that hospitals denied food, water and medicine.  When she announced running for Chairman of the Tarrant County Republican party in 2002, I did not wait to help her,  she was a believer and an activist.  I called as many precinct chairs as I could in support of Stephanie to gather support for her. 


When she was elected, she surprised me by choosing me for Vice Chair of the Tarrant Republican Party.  She quickly put me to work on ballot security on behalf of Republican candidates for public office.  I learned much from her.  I recruited poll watchers and served as a poll watcher myself under Stephanie’s guidance.


In 2009 she fought a very public feud with Republican State Rep Todd Smith who chaired the Elections Committee for legislation in the Texas State House of Reps.  Todd, as committee chair, refused to schedule a vote to send a bill to the House Floor that required voters to present photo ID when voting.  Todd lost that public feud to Stephanie Klick and we eventually won legislation for photo ID to vote.  Todd left the Texas House and now lives in Colorado as a proud democrat and very public about it on Facebook. 


While she was Republican Party Chair, she invited me to her home as a guest and friend.  We enjoyed meals, good times and planned strategy for protecting Tarrant from falling to the Democrats’ voter fraud machine. 


In 2011, I urged Stephanie to run for the Texas State House.  She was so stridently Pro Life and for Election Integrity, she was a sure-bet to withstand the pressures of Austin to drag Texas Republican State Reps “left”.  When she decided to run, I enthusiastically drove to meet her before a speaking engagement to secure the honor of being her first-ever campaign contributor. I gave her a check for $1000 dollars.


Stephanie is a quiet personality.  She did not publicly oppose the Austin state government establishment, so the establishment found her and promoted her to committee chairmanships in the Texas House.  In the 2021 Texas Legislative Session, as chair of the Public Health Committee, she refused to allow a vote for 8 weeks of the Gender Modification bill which would protect children from gender reassignment and mutilation-- a deliberate stall of the bill to make certain that there was not ample time to pass it before time ran out on the legislative session. 


Today Stephanie claims credit for the passage of the Heartbeat Bill to protect the unborn.  But she refused to demand its passage in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.  She only voted for it when the Texas House Leadership permitted it when they needed Pro-Life coverage with the voters. 


She publicly champions a stance against vaccine mandates, but she chose to do nothing as chair of the committee that could have saved us from such mandates.  In 2020 she could not rush the vaccines fast enough. 


The vanity of the culture today is dreadful--  but the vanity among elected officials is breathtaking.  I never thought of Stephanie Klick as vain, but she’s joined the people that she and I fought for years.  The idea that she would fight for gender reassignment for children was unthinkable 12 years ago. Today she is on both sides of the vaccine question.


Today, Stephanie holds the loyalty of a lot of local friends,  elected officials and precinct chairs who love access to power that she holds in the Texas State House Leadership.  But she refused to hold a vote on gender reassignment for children until 53 days in her committee had passed.  The Calendars Committee held it for another 15 days.  By May 12th the log-jam of bills on the Texas House Agenda made it impossible for this bill to see the light of day--  and Stephanie Klick full well knows it.  She pulled exactly the same stall tact that Todd Smith pulled to block photo voter ID 12 years earlier.  She did what the Austin Establishment wanted in exchange for power. 


One day out of two years you have power over Stephanie Klick,  the other days Stephanie Klick has the power over child gender reassignment, vaccine mandates, sky-rocketing property taxes and more.  The world has changed a lot since 1999, but the changes in Stephanie Klick are before you today. 




John Holcomb

Republican Precinct Chair 3517

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